I.M.I. Certification

I.M.I. Certification

Who is this course for?

Applicants who wish to undertake their I.M.I. certification, must have a high skill level in Paintless Dent Removal. This is an involved course which requires the candidate to have a wide knowledge of all aspects of PDR. Candidates will be under test conditions for all elements of the course.

Trainee Criteria

About the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)

IMI is the professional association for individuals working in the retail motor industry and the authoritative voice of the sector.
IMI is transforming the automotive industry by setting, upholding and promoting professional standards – driving skills acquisition, establishing clearer career paths, and boosting public confidence.Established in 1920, the IMI filled a specific need for individuals desiring recognition for their accomplishments, and the recognition they received led to a steady growth in membership.
Those needs still exist today therefore membership and professional recognition remains at the core of our existence.


Making IMI qualifications, accreditations and membership the Gold Standard for professionals working in the automotive retail, related and adjacent sectors. Recognised as the “common currency” by which professionals are evaluated and necessary attainments for those wishing to enhance their status, recognition, skills & employability, both in the UK and abroad, creating a compelling case for automotive careers.


To be the UK’s most respected and admired industry body. Internationally recognised as authoritative, valued and supported across our sector and beyond.

PDR Certification Course Overview

  • Visual vehicle appraisal
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Trim – ( Internal trim and lamp )
  • Paintless dent Removal Flat Panel Repair
  • Paintless Dent Removal Swage Line Repair
  • Paintless dent Removal Restricted Access Repair
  • Online multiple choice assessment

Total Course Price: £350.00