Paintless Dent Removal Tools

May 18th, 2016


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At TDN Tools we try to keep as up to date as possible with any new tools in the PDR market.Whether they are from the big established manufactures or more independent developers like ourselves

There were a few factors back in 2015 that were key, the usual lightening of tools by incorporating Carbon Fibre, Titanium and Aluminium in existing products, some new innovation and of course the digital aspect which has become so important to the industry.

The main innovator for utilising materials to create lightweight but strong usable tools is of course Druz Toolz, from Carbon Fibre hail rods for the travelling Hail technician to their carbon hammers which are beautiful both in weight and aesthetics. We also had the arrival of Dent Technology with their recently updated Moonlights, use of Titanium for its weight and transfer of energy and Peek Polymer tips & knockdowns which don’t blunt and offer precision like no other.
On innovation we have Elim-A-Dent who always strive to keep their products at the top of their game. The MKII version of their lights now have improved locline, removable screens, dimmers and a less draining power source. They are altogether a perfect mobile PDR Light. We are looking forward to the new portable Glue Guns in 2016 which will again run off your preferred lithium setup.

Shane Jacks
launched what we believe to be one of the most innovative tools in 2015 with his Edge Jack combo,   a simple design that enabled technicians to repair panel edges with control meaning cleaner repairs. Black Plague developed their smooth series which most people agree give the best pull ever seen from glue tabs, and these now have their big brothers which came over to the UK in March 2016, the notorious Gang Green Tabs, giving more strength than we thought possible.

For us, the development of the most important tools we have to date, came in the form of digital media

From Podcasts to Live educational video feeds to world class sales apps. We haven’t seen or tried them all but we have worked closely with a few of them and what we have seen th
em develop into has been amazing. Mobile Tech RX
is revolutionary, the most in depth PDR

Mobile Tech RX TDN Toolssoftware available and is now available to the European market too. It is a seamless program that saves you time, creates professional reports and has the added bonus of a cloud based user inputted x-ray database which allows you to see whats behind certain panels of the vehicle you are working on. The Euro version also allows the user to custom entry every new client by selecting their rates, currency and language, so Edge Jack combosyour reports, invoices etc are delivered to them in their language. Very cleaver stuff!
On the digital front we must shout out to Keith Cosentino and Shane Jacks for the countless hours of education they are giving free on their Podcasts @ PDR College. Also to Ryan Hampton and Paul Kordon for their live Periscopes giving inside sales and Hail information.

Its exciting times for tools in PDR, and they’re not just steel rods anymore…….