PDR Training Level One Foundation

Course Description

Our level one course also includes a six-month tool discount code, a three months’ online/phone support and a future one-day assessment day to be taken within the first year.


Course Itinerary

✓ Reflection and Lighting               ✓ Damage Assessment

✓ Tool Selection and Use              ✓ Tool Tip Location

✓ Knocking Down                          ✓ Small Dent Removal

✓ Bodyline Repair                          ✓ Poor Access Techniques

✓ Side Panel Access Procedure    ✓ Multi Tipped Tools and Use

✓ Access                                        ✓ Push Techniques

✓ Introduction to Side Panels         ✓ Crease Dent Removal

✓ Introduction to Side Panels         ✓ Technician Tool Essentials and Use

✓ Lighting and Reflection Options  ✓ Basic Trim Removal and Installation Procedure

✓ Introduction to Glue Repairs       ✓ Introduction to Complex Dent Removal using multiple tools

✓ Heat application                          ✓ Using long bars and working at distance

✓ Rust and Corrosion protection    ✓ Glue and tool combination repairs

✓ Introduction to complex trim removal and installation

✓ Recognition of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in the workplace

✓ Final tests

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You asked, we implemented it! 👏

We now have Finance options available! You can use our preferred Finance provider to pay for your PDR Training course here at TDN.

Please follow the link below to find out more about the available payment options and apply!

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