IMI Qualification in EV/Hybrid Repair

Theory Test

An Instructor led course that delivers all knowledge needed to be able to work safely and confidently power down Electric or Hybrid vehicles. This course as opposed to our online lesson allows the candidates to discuss and ask questions throughout the delivery, giving more understanding and deeper knowledge of the key components and the hazards we face. The candidates will then participate in a written methods document and then a small test on the knowledge learnt throughout the day.


PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

The candidates will be able to see, feel and wear all of the protective equipment needed to carry out repairs on an EV/Hybrid vehicle. Again, this is a benefit most don’t receive with online classes.


Practical Test

The instructor will use a live vehicle to point out the components and general make up of this type of vehicle using vehicle schematics.  He/she will then demonstrate the power down procedure as per the manufacturers methods. The candidates will then perform the power down using the correct process and methods on a one to one basis with the instructor present to make sure it is being carried out in a safe manner. On successful completion the candidate will be qualified to power down vehicles and will come away with the knowledge which will safeguard them and their clients on any EV/Hybrid repairs.

Price: £395.00 plus VAT