May 10th, 2016

Times are changing – Fast!

Over recent years it has become apparent that the Paintless Dent Removal Industry is fast professionalising. After what could be considered by some as a lull, individuals are changing the way they treat and serve their customers, how they appear to the general public and how they operate overall.

With digital outlets such as PDR college podcast and Dent Trainer, PDR technicians have been able to tune in or log on and begin re training themselves to operate at the highest level. Techs are also joining networking forums and online groups to share ideas and help each other improve and perform their craft more efficiently and at an optimum. We’re now selling value rather than price and time and putting the customer first, looking out rather than in.

Up until now PDR technicians predominantly worked out on their own, literally, servicing their own customers in their own town, in their own way and at their own prices. Now because of these sources of information, dent repair operators are able to compare capabilities, prices, tools and network with other like minded individuals who want to up their game. It has also put people in touch with each other, made them pick up the phone and speak to the ‘ competition ‘. Often, the other dent repair company down the road isn’t actually competition, but rather someone who can be worked with, ultimately with both parties ending up with more work and the customer getting better service. Win, win.

Here at TDN we work tirelessly with the independent technician in mind. From providing in stock tools with fast delivery, to putting technicians to work on Hail and de fleet platforms. We also train people who want to start out in Paintless Dent Removal. Both with our own module based training courses and by holding industry and government recognised I.M.I accreditation courses through our approved test centre.

Our main push in 2016 will be to enable experienced PDR technicians to get themselves certified under the I.M.I. accreditation scheme.

What, or who, are the I.M.I?                                     IMI Logo


IMI is the professional association for individuals working in the retail motor industry and the authoritative voice of the sector.
IMI is transforming the automotive industry by setting, upholding and promoting professional standards – driving skills acquisition, establishing clearer career paths, and boosting public confidence.Established in 1920, the IMI filled a specific need for individuals desiring recognition for their accomplishments, and the recognition they received led to a steady growth in membership.
Those needs still exist today therefore membership and professional recognition remains at the core of our existence.


Making IMI qualifications, accreditations and membership the Gold Standard for professionals working in the automotive retail, related and adjacent sectors. Recognised as the “common currency” by which professionals are evaluated and necessary attainments for those wishing to enhance their status, recognition, skills & employability, both in the UK and abroad, creating a compelling case for automotive careers.

To be the UK’s most respected and admired industry body. Internationally recognised as authoritative, valued and supported across our sector and beyond.

Become a member of the IMI and you’ll be recognised as an individual dedicating to providing the highest standards for your customers and your business. All eligible members will be placed on the IMI Professional Register, displaying to your employer, colleagues and customers that you are committed to keeping up to date with learning and new skills. Members also receive a range of added-value benefits – from a subscription to IMI Magazine and great trade discounts, free legal guidance and support with our range of free resources.

We believe that by being getting certified you show yourself to be a truly professional business operator. You make yourself accountable, to yourself, your peers and most importantly your customers. It shows confidence in your ability to service and provide at the highest level. With Paintless dent Removal being recognised more and more by insurance companies, and them asking for professional certification, you, by default put yourself at the top of the pile when it comes to insurance claims and hail damage repair opportunities.

It is indeed time to take ourselves and Paintless Dent Removal more seriously than perhaps we have in the past. The new technicians coming through are more savvy than some of the PDR veterans operating out there, and are moving into the market place at a faster pace and more educated and knowledgable. They understand sales, customer retention and customer acquisition in the digital age. There is more competition and our customers expect more. Despite this, the training is better, there is far more information available and as previously mentioned, technicians are talking to each other. So the opportunities are there for everybody to professionalise, to improve and to excel.

Take the opportunities available. Don’t get left behind, be a professional.